Happy International Syrah Day!


International syrah day

Photo by Jassy Onyae on Unsplash

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February 16th is International Syrah Day, also known as World Syrah Day. So, pour a glass and join Wines Select and all the wine enthusiasts around the world who are raising a toast to celebrate this legendary grape.

Syrah is a dark-skinned grape variety that produces medium to full-bodied red wines. It’s grown in wine-producing regions around the globe; and is the most widely planted grape in Australia, where it is known as Shiraz.

All Syrah wines have an intense and beautiful colour and are famous for their dark fruit flavours and spiciness. but they reveal different characteristics depending on the climate where the grapes are grown. The Northern Rhône in France is the classic region for Syrah wines and wines produced in this type of cooler climate tend to be medium to full-bodied with notes of blackberry, plum and herbs.

Syrah wines produced in warmer climates are more consistently full bodied. Australia is one of the best examples of a warmer climate Syrah/Shiraz. Here the wines are robust with a velvety texture and notes of cocoa, earthy leather, and sweet tobacco.

Pairing food with Syrah

As a rule, Syrah wines pair well with roasts, hearty stews, Indian tandoori grills, salami, lamb shawarma, grilled vegetables and aged hard cheeses like Gouda, aged cheddar or Gruyère. Bold, full-flavoured foods work best. Delicate and light dishes such as seafood and salads will be overwhelmed by the intensity of the wine.

Syrah wine gifts

Syrah wine makes a great gift for almost any occasion. We have included some sensational Syrah wines in our gift selections. Syrah or Shiraz wine is a popular, easy-drinking wine that makes it a failsafe choice for a corporate wine gift, whether for a client or work colleague.

At Wines Select we offer a fabulous two-bottle gift set of organic wine from Spain. The red wine in the gift set is Dominio de Fontana Garnacha/Syrah a medium-full bodied, rich, fruity red.

Business wine and corporate Champagne giftsOur Australian Soldiers Block shiraz from Langhorne Creek, South Australia is a silky wine with hints of blackberry, cherry, and vanilla. This superb wine is available in our two-bottle Australian wine gift, our three-bottle wine gift and our glorious, round the world gift set which contains six of our finest bottles.

Personalised and branded Syrah wine bottles

If you’re choosing a red wine to feature your own bespoke personalised label, our private reserve shiraz is a winner. It’s a stunningly smooth, well-rounded, easy drinking wine. Another option is our classic Rhone red, which is made from an enticing blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Merlot, and is one of our favourites.

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