10 reasons to choose business branded wine and personalised corporate wine labels

personalised-corporate-wine-labelsThere are numerous occasions which would be enhanced by having personalised corporate wine labels or business branded wine gifts. Bespoke customised labels make generic bottles of wine extra special and memorable and are an innovative way to promote your business, organisation or brand. Personalised wine bottles will often become keepsakes after the wine has been enjoyed too.

Bespoke corporate branded bottles of wine are a distinctive way to:

  1. Thank clients, employees, and other business associates.
  2. Toast a business achievement or company milestone
  3. Welcome a new employee or celebrate a retirement
  4. Maximise the impact of a PR campaign or product launch
  5. Give to guest speakers and presenters at a conference
  6. Present as a prize for a competition or staff incentive program
  7. Offer as auction items to raise money for a fundraiser
  8. Use as an innovative invitation to your next big event
  9. Add prestige to the opening of a new store, office or branch.
  10. Celebrate a colleagues’ or clients’ birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

Wines Select can design and produce an exclusive custom label for you or we can work with your in-house design team or partner agency to achieve the results you want.

Personalised-gift-packagingOrder your personalised corporate wine today and look forward to raising a glass of delicious wine poured from your very own custom branded bottles.

Call us today on 0330 133 5135 or email our sales team at sales@winesselect.co.uk

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