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Put your conference or exhibition on the wine label

Conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows are a great opportunity to connect with other professionals and mix business with pleasure. If you include bespoke labelled wine at the event, you are bound to impress attendees, while also promoting your brand. A glass of great wine will make a good impression at your corporate event and reflect […]

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A simple guide to wine types and styles

The huge choice and variety of wine can seem complex and overwhelming particularly if your knowledge of grape types and countries of origin is limited to Asti Spumante and bubbles! So starting with the basics will help you improve your knowledge of wine types and styles, where they originate from and give you the confidence […]

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10 reasons to choose business branded wine and personalised corporate wine labels

There are numerous occasions which would be enhanced by having personalised corporate wine labels or business branded wine gifts. Bespoke customised labels make generic bottles of wine extra special and memorable and are an innovative way to promote your business, organisation or brand. Personalised wine bottles will often become keepsakes after the wine has been […]

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