A matter of taste

wine tastingEver wondered how we find and select the wines and Champagnes for our personalised business gifts? The answer is to taste them!

Last Thursday, 6th February, we spent time discovering lots of amazing new wines at a trade wine tasting. The event, at London’s Oxo Tower, was the perfect chance to get together with many of our award-winning wine producers, from Australia, Chile, USA and Europe, and sample their latest vintages.

At Wines Select we constantly review our range of personalised wine and Champagne for our corporate wine and Champagne gifts selection to make sure we are offering our clients and businesses the best possible choice.

It may seem that wine trade professionals like us drink wine for a living, but industry events such as trade wine tastings are a vital way to try new vintages that will appeal to  our customers’ different tastes, occasions and budgets. With over twenty years’ experience, our clients have come to trust our judgement and choice.

Our tips for attending a trade wine tastingwine tasting

    • Bring an open mind and an adventurous palate.
    • Have a tasting plan. For instance, start with Champagne and sparkling wines, move on to fresh whites, then richer whites and finally tannic reds.
    • Talk to the winemakers and get to know the story behind the bottle and the vintage.
    • Wear dark colours (to hide any spills!).
    • Remember to spit. No one likes to “waste” wine, but tasting-size pours soon add up!
    • Take lots of notes so you remember all your impressions and thoughts.

For more information on the variety of personalised wine and Champagne gifts for your special business event or corporate occasion call 0330 133 5135 or email sales@winesselect.co.uk and we will be delighted to advise you.